I am a presenter and writer. I’m interested in stories about the influences that shape our identity and connect people, places and communities. 

I trained as a dancer and performer, and went on to study an MA at The Globe Theatre and King’s College London, specialising in British theatre of the 16th and 17th centuries. 

After studying I began to work in museums and heritage venues, bringing together stories from the past and investigating their impact, relevance and importance to people in the present. Over twelve years I have developed learning programmes for adults, families and young people, I have trained and managed teams and collaborated with artists and communities from around the world. 

I first started to present for videos on YouTube, accompanying my now husband Geoff, as he explored London by rail. My curiosity in railways lays with the stories of social change and how public transport has altered our sense of space and surroundings. 

Geoff and I created All The Stations in 2017 to see how the railways differ across Britain, and what that means to the people that use them. This year our project heads to Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

My first book, The Railway Adventures, was co-authored in 2018 and is now an Amazon best-seller. I have also written for newspapers and online.